CPE Lyon Chemistry - Chemical Engineering course

CPE Lyon Chemistry - Chemical Engineering course

Sustainable development , green chemistry, the greenhouse effect, the ozone layer, nuclear industry and its safety, fossil and renewable fuels, micro-electronics and nanotechnologies, intelligent molecules, biomimetics…

Today chemical engineers have to meet many different challenges: creating, consuming, respecting, communicating and producing. It means:

  • Creating new molecules that are beneficial for man, but which are ethically sound (we can improve living things but there are rules that must be followed).
  • Consuming the planet’s resources with moderation, recycling.
  • Producing products and processes more quickly, more cheaply with the obligation of zero defects, zero pollution, zero risk.

Every year CPE Lyon trains 150 engineers in Chemistry - Chemical Engineering

The school provides student engineers with a complete education in organic and molecular chemistry, catalysis, analytical sciences, process engineering. Students decide on a speciality based on their tastes and aptitudes, choosing optional modules in year 4 and their option for year 5:

  • Among the majors offered at the school are: "Chemistry and processes applied to the environment", "Formulation and implementation of divided solids", "Life sciences and health", and from the start of the academic year 2008: "Process engineering".
  • Among the research Masters
  • Or in a partner institution in France or abroad.

CPE Lyon engineers are both multidisciplinary and specialists:
They have an overview of the disciplines of chemistry and extensive competencies that enable them to work in research and development, production etc.
They are also expert in their speciality working at the highest level in chemical industries, pharmaceuticals and energy sectors or going on to do research for a doctorate

More : Masters and doctorates

The description of the qualification “CPE Lyon graduate engineer in Chemistry – Process Engineering” appears on the French national professional certification register

More Details (in French)

This diploma is accessible through Recognition of Prior Learning (link to CPE Lyon website).

European label for CPE Lyon Chemistry - Chemical Engineering course

At the beginning of 2008 CPE Lyon received the “EUROMASTER” label

This European label, managed by the European Chemistry Thematic Network Association ECTN, rewards the establishment for the quality of its chemistry education: the management, teachers and European organisation

The course programme

Download the whole detailed programme: Chemistry - Chemical engineering course (in French) 

You will find below the course programme for each semester (each year is split into 2 semesters) and for the subjects taught.

For information about registration, go to the Admissions section : Admissions

Years of study: change of terminology!

The establishment of the “European Higher Education Area” and the Bachelor Master Doctorate system (BMD) has meant we have changed the terminology: we now number the years of higher education study from the baccalaureate. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd years of the engineering course at CPE Lyon have therefore become: Year 3, year 4, and year 5.