The faculty


The CPE Lyon faculty comprises over 400 people.

It is made up of permanent teaching staff, teaching staff (academics, researchers, PhD students etc) from the establishment’s component parts and from other establishments and people from the world of socio-economics.

Among the permanent teaching staff:

  • 37 % have doctorates
  • 35 % are doctoral students, with a DEA / Master, a master’s degree / CAPES qualification
  • 15 % are engineering graduates or have experience in business
  • 13 % hold a research accreditation

175 people from the world of socio-economics contribute to courses: industrialists, independent outside contributors etc.

Although the most members of the faculty are devoted to teaching scientific subjects, some members of the team are responsible for:

  • The human, economic, social and cultural sciences programme (approximately 80 contributors): economics, human relations, legal and regulatory aspects, management, project management, setting up businesses…
  • The language teaching programme (more than 30 people).

An educational team close to the students

Human sized classes (around 150 for the chemistry - process engineering course, around 110 for the electronics - telecommunications – informatics course, 40 for the informatics and communication networks course) make it possible to establish individual relationships between students and the faculty and to offer individual guidance.

Apart from passing on knowledge, the mission of the educational team is to give students all the tools they need to be able to establish their career development plans. 

For example: assistance in looking for placements.

Three people are involved in student placements in France and abroad. They maintain close relations with a network of over 200 enterprises world wide. They help students to look for a placement and draw up their applications (CV, covering letter etc) in English, German and French.