Focus on first academic year

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Focus on the first academic year

Yes, you’ve got there!

Whether you come from special preparatory classes or from a university technology course, or from a university, whether you’re a born chemist or a budding electronics engineer through and through, we’re very pleased to welcome you in Year 3 at CPE Lyon for this coming academic year.

Next D-Day is September 2017 at 8.30. We will be waiting for you!


On 8th September, everyone, - the administrative staff, the Students’ Union staff and of course, even our own national brass band! - will be here to welcome you as from the start of the morning!

A welcoming breakfast (offered by the Students’ Union) awaits you between 8.30 and 10.00. At 10 o’clock, in the large amphitheatre, Gérard PIGNAULT, the Director of CPE Lyon, will address and welcome you.

After that, what with the administrative procedures, the first contacts with your fellow ’refreshers’, and contacts with the ’older’ students, it looks like your timetable will be quite busy!

The Students’Union Committee has prepared an unforgettable integration programme just for you!

Get an idea of what’s to come in pictures:

Experience a preview of some festive moments at CPE Lyon.
This film has been made by a CPE Lyon student.

The Students’ Union presents the school’s different clubs and societies:

The ’Alpha Plaquette’ done each year by the Communication Commission of the Students’ Union which is in office at the time, gives you a very complete and illustrated picture of CPE Lyon’s student clubs and societies. Without further ado, plunge into the realm of ’Delir’Hum’ (name of the Student Union list):


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