Jérôme TESTE

Ecole Supérieure de Chimie Physique Electronique de Lyon - Year ICPI 1996

“I currently run an electricity company working in the building industry that I took over on 1 October 2006. Its turnover in 2007 was in the region of 950 k€ and it employs 15 people.

During my first 9 years of work, I had various experiences in large groups listed on the CAC 40. I therefore worked in management functions in informatics in banking (in Paris) and industrial (in Fos /s Mer) environments. Then the desire to start a business in the area where I was born (the Loire area) took hold! In 6 months and after going to EM Lyon to do a module on taking over a business, I found that rare thing: a small electricity company working in the building industry. In my position at the head of this small business, which I have for nearly 2 years been gradually structuring employing the methods of an engineer, I have the true contact with society that I was looking for.

My diploma saved me time and gave me credibility when arranging to take over the business (banks, labels, suppliers). Even if technically my diploma is not used much day to day, the spirit of synthesis and analysis that I developed during my studies has been essential. Another important point: human experiences, voluntary work and my placements contributed to shaping me as an entrepreneur.

For information, I also had the opportunity to take over an electricity business that came up through the CPE past students’ association!”

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