The ambition to educate

3 principles motivate the management and teaching teams at CPE Lyon in their mission to educate “tomorrow’s leaders”:

To modulate the scientific education after 3 semesters of the core syllabus:

Students establish their own projects and with guidance gradually personalise their own course, which ultimately leads to the competence and independence expected of an engineer.

To develop an open approach to industry and “an entrepreneurial spirit”:

There are obligatory end of year placements with students having the option of spending a year in industry between years 4 and 5. Students can give their courses a vocational aspect and on average new CPE Lyon graduates have spent 70 weeks on placement before they arrive on the labour market.

To encourage international mobility:

  • courses are split into semesters,
  • long placements abroad,
  • academic exchanges in year 5,
  • 2 language units, which include the cultural background, are obligatory.

This vision is underpinned by our strengths:

  • A high-level education and research environment.
  • Close relationships with enterprises.
  • A highly international approach.

Every year, CPE Lyon awards diplomas to 300 general engineers in chemistry – process engineering and in electronics – telecommunications – computer science, who have solid industrial experience and, against the background of the globalisation of activities, are alive to the new economic, social and environmental challenges.