Research Master and Doctorate (PhD)

Research MASTER

In the framework of the French university diploma system (Degree Master Doctorate), students may prepare a research master’s after the new degree or pre-vocational degree course. The Master replaces the old one year “maîtrise” followed by a DEA.

It takes 4 semesters, and leads to a BAC + 5 level of study.

The research Master opens up the way to a thesis, which itself leads to a BAC+8 level of study.
What should motivate your choice for a research masters: a strong motivation towards research and then the determination to commit yourself to a thesis!

At CPE Lyon year 5 students last year of the engineer course) may go on to do a research master’s (M2) at Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1. CPE Lyon selects the students that may do master’s, taking account of their project and their results. 

Research master’s accessible in year 5 of the CPE Lyon Chemistry- Chemical engineering speciality :

Field : science, technology, health

Mention Course Website for more information
Physicochemical analysis and control Analytical sciences website
Biochemistry Structural and functional biochemistry website
Chemistry Inorganic chemistry website
Catalysis and physical chemistry website
Organic synthesis and bioactive molecular chemistry website
Polymer materials Polymer materials website
Electrical engineering process engineering Process engineering website
Environment and natural, industrial and urban risks Environmental Industrial and Urban sciences website
Engineering for health and medicinal products Biological process and biomaterials website

Research masters accessible in year 5 of the CPE Lyon Electronics - Telecommunications - Computer science speciality :

Field: science, technology, health” (UCB Lyon 1, INSA Lyon, ECL)

Mention Speciality / courses Website for more information

Electrical engineering and
Process engineering

automatic control engineering, systems and image (ASI) :

Images and systems (I&S) course


electrical and electronic engineering (G2E)

Integrated electronics systems (DEI)

Computer science

Graphics and image computer science 


Information systems and networks

Information and web technology

Knowledge and decision

Field: science, technology, health (Université Jean Monnet de Saint-Étienne)

Mention Speciality / courses Website for more information

Optics, Image, Vision

Image, Vision, Signal


DOCTORATE or thesis (PhD)

After a research master’s, students may enrol with a view to doing a doctorate.

The doctorate takes 6 semesters, and corresponds to BAC + 8.

Students passing their engineer diploma automatically have the grade of master. In this respect they may enrol for a thesis in France or abroad.
The grade of master is recognised internationally.

For information:

  • Enrolment for a thesis, being taken on by a good laboratory and obtaining funding is a selective process. One of the criteria is having research experience.
    That is why we encourage students that would like to go on to do a thesis to do a Research master’s in year 5, and make the equivalent of their end of course project research work in a laboratory.
  • A ”PhD” or doctorate level is often required for a career in the major international groups, principally in chemistry / pharmacy.

To find out about the thesis topics offered by our laboratories, go directly to their respective web sites:

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