What is a “Grande Ecole”

In France there exist two types of Higher Education institutions: Universities and “Grandes Ecoles“

Both have in common:

  • Highly developed faculties,
  • Research activities,
  • High academic level,
  • Technology transfer,
  • Continuing education.?

Here below are the specific feature of “Grandes Ecoles”.

The majority of them are public institutions, but some have private status (among those CPE Lyon). “Grandes Ecoles” can be dedicated to Sciences and Engineering, Business – Management, Architecture, or other fields like theatre professions, veterinary medicine, librarianship…

Specific features:

  • Small and middle size (300 to 5000 students)
  • Highly selective admission
  • Flexible educational programmes
  • Strong links with industry
  • Significant research and development activities
  • Intensive international exchanges (students, professors, researchers)
  • Active alumni networks

To know more about the “Grandes Ecoles” in Rhône-Alpes area: www.agera.asso.fr

To know more about the “Grandes Ecoles” in France: www.cge.asso.fr


“Grandes Ecoles” dedicated to Sciences and Engineering are called “Ecoles d’ingénieurs”.

They deliver Master of engineering degrees.

CPE Lyon delivers 3 Master’s degrees in:

  • Chemistry and chemical engineering
  • Electronics, telecommunications and computer science
  • Computer science and communication networks

The school graduates around 270 students each year.

To know more about the degrees delivered by CPE Lyon, go to the Engineer diploma page.