Year 2000, Chemistry - Chemical Engineering

“I graduated from
CPE Lyon in 2000 in Chemistry - Process Engineering
and continued my
studies with a thesis on polymer synthesis at the University of Sussex in
Brighton in England. At the end of my thesis, I was employed by DuPont Teijin
Films at the R&D Centre in Middlesbrough in the north of England. For a
little over 4 years I have been working and managing a team of three people
working on research and development of polyester films for optical and
electronic applications. In 2006, I had the opportunity to go and spend 8 months
in Japan where I worked on a shared project with our research centre in Gifu,
near Nagoya.

CPE’s role in my career has been decisive on two occasions.
Firstly the year in industry I did with Rhodia, encouraged by the school and
facilitated by its industrial contacts, enabled me to establish my career plan
and gave me the maturity (relative!) that attracted my current employer. Next I
was able to do my thesis abroad by means of an interview that CPE co-ordinated
with Arkema.

The various stages along my career path now serve me
particularly well in an international environment where significant experience
in different settings – companies and countries - make it possible to understand
the technical and human issues more easily.”

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