Applying for admission in ERASMUS+ programme

European Union International students who wish to spend part of their programme of studies at CPE Lyon, as exchange students, taking advantage of exchange programmes like ERASMUS+, can apply via their Department Coordinator.
Your Erasmus+ Department Coordinator should send your completed application form, together with your transcript of records for the courses you have already completed and are now taking at you home institution, to Maria-Angélina Beaucourt at CPE Lyon.

Download the application

ERASMUS+ students can apply for 1 or 2 semesters. They must select classes from the same semester (usually the timetable will not allow a mix of semesters)

ERASMUS+ students from institution having signed a “Double Diplôme” agreement with CPE Lyon can spend two years at CPE Lyon to obtain the CPE Lyon “Diplôme D’Ingénieur” (Master 2) together with the diploma from their own institution.

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