« Experience in the workplace is considered a fundamental part of the CPE Lyon engineer courses. »

Placements are an integral part of the school’s educational programme.
They are incorporated in the courses and earn credits. They provide work linked training.
Through the placements students not only acquire skills as they put their knowledge into practice but are also able to develop their career plans. The placements offered each year correspond to the students’ level of training, in terms of both scientific knowledge and human, economic and social sciences (business creation projects, management, labour law etc).

The various placements may be completed in France or abroad.

All students are supervised by a tutor from the school. All placements are assessed on the basis of a written report, an oral presentation and an assessment report from the company.

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The different placements

End of year 3: shop-floor work experience placement (1 month)

Enables the student to:

  • Have a first contact with the world of work.
  • Have experience of being an employee in a position of carrying out orders.
  • Discover how the particular company works and is organised.
  • Have an introduction to the social and human realities of the workplace.
  • Understand engineering professions better.

End of year 4: industrial training placement (3 months) or long internship in a company* (12 months)

At the end of year 4, CPE Lyon students have acquired most of the basic knowledge and have just begun to specialize with semi-optional modules.

The industrial training placement or the long internship in a company allow them to:

  • Summarize the knowledge acquired by putting it into practice in relation to a practical problem.
  • Acquire competencies in a particular technique or technology or in a particular sector of activity in a work place situation and be introduced to a possible future profession.
  • Establish a training / education plan and a professional plan.
  • Abroad, to discover other cultures, understand how companies in Europe and the world are organised and operate.

* Optional. Note that 88% of students in a particular year choose to do a year in the workplace, 75% of whom go abroad.

End of year 5: final year project (6 months)

It is part of the students’ personal and professional project.

  • It offers the opportunity to apply the education provided by the school to industry or research.
  • It should consider the scientific, technological, economic and industrial property aspects that are proper to the subject.
  • A level of autonomy and responsibility that corresponds to that expected from a debutant engineer is expected

Encounters with operational staff in companies during conferences or during the “Enterprise Day”, as well as training in looking for placements and jobs help the students in their decisions and researches.

Assistance in looking for a placement

Three people are involved in student placements in France and abroad. They maintain close relations with a network of over 200 companies world wide.
They help students find a placement and complete their application (CV, covering letter etc) in English, German and French.

Some figures in relation to CPE Lyon student placements

Average number of placements offers received per year  700
Number of one year placements on average per year


Proportion of placements in enterprises abroad
i.e. 88% of a class
Proportion of end of course projects completed abroad 17 %