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Chemistry and chemical engineering

> International Summer School in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Organised by CPE Lyon from June 9th to July 13th 2016.

The CPE Lyon part of the IPL International Summer School includes a 5-week programme of practical classes in chemistry and chemical engineering (40 hours) in addition to taking the French language classes (40 hours for beginners and intermediates students) and the industrial and cultural visits.
The practical classes are designed to allow students to transfer credits for the study to their home university. The practical work programme is flexible. Experiments are offered in Chemical Engineering and Analytical Chemistry. Some experiments will be open-ended allowing students to go deeper into the particular aspect of the subject concerned. A programme oriented towards chemistry students and a programme oriented towards chemical engineering students is provided. All students will have free access to the Internet. Accommodation is provided for the five weeks of the Summer School.

The total cost to students is 1900 Euros. This covers all tuition costs, the costs of the industrial and cultural visits, and accommodation for the five weeks in a residence hall. The cost of meals and local transport is not included (but students will have access to the dining halls with meal plans).

This is a tremendous opportunity to gain an international experience, to improve your scientific knowledge and practical skills, and to learn the French language. Only a very basic prior knowledge of French is necessary. The practical classes will be given in English when necessary, and, for the language study, students will be divided into groups depending on their ability : beginners and intermediates. The laboratory experiments offered are given on the following pages. Any students interested in this course are invited to contact Maria-Angelina Beaucourt (maria-angelina.beaucourt@cpe.fr) if further information is required.

Applications should be made using the IPL International Summer School form which is found on the website : http://www.ipl.fr/summerschool/

Please respect the deadline (31 March) for applications if possible.

Later applications will be considered but a place cannot be guaranteed.

See the practical experiments below : 

Summer School Practical 2016

> International Summer School in Science and Engineering 

Organised by IPL association from June 9th to July 13th 2016.
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EURIP programme and BEST programme

From June to July 2016, CPE Lyon will be welcoming around 60 students from Singapore and the USA together with their professors on different summer schools.

  • The EURIP Programme (European Immersion Program) with the National University of Singapore: chemistry and chemical engineering programme, will run from June 13th to July 11th 2016 and will welcome nearly 30 undergraduate and master’s students and 2 professors.
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  • The BEST Programme (Biomolecular Engineering, Science and Techology Study Abroad Programme in Lyon) with the Georgia institute of Technology (Georgiatech, Atlanta, USA), will be attended by 40 students with two trainee and their professor. The undergraduate students will do chemistry practicals from May 18th to July 15th 2016.
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    Interview video of three students here

In addition, during each programme, there will be practical work in chemical engineering, analytical chemistry and organic synthesis, together with French courses, cultural visits (Beaujolais, Vieux-Lyon, and the Musée Lumière, etc), and scientific visits (The CERN in Geneva, the NMR Center, L’oréal in Paris , and joint laboratories in CPE Lyon).

The accomodation is in a hall of residence near CPE lyon.



To get any information about those programmes, do not hesitate to contact :

Maria-Angelina Beaucourt :
Tel: +33 4 72 43 29 98
Edith Giacomazzi :
Tel : +33 4 72 43 17 28